In the grasp of Brexit

The 'B' word.. no not Boris, BREXIT! The one word that installs fear into the minds of even the upper echelon of society, the one topic that despite a referendum happening 3 years ago, it's still in talks. Until possibly now.. as of this writing (September 2019) we're still in the dark, about what's going on. October the 31st 2019 is the set date for this country to leave, it's not smooth sailing though, and we're sailing into an uncertain future. Jobs are at risk, your family is growing, and you have little to next to nothing in order of survival skills, and knowledge to survive in the post Brexit world.

One of the major questions you may be asking yourself, is how will you feed your family post Brexit? In the modern world, we just go to Tesco, to Asda, our local deli, where ever it is food is always there... We stock up on our weekly essentials without a second thought. Everything is streamlined, easy, and is the biggest price cut from our payslips. But what happens if food is triple the price post Brexit? What happens if you can't afford bread? Milk? Eggs? Or even essentials such as toilet paper, toothpaste and so forth.

I'll just go out and hunt for my food right? WRONG. Along with every other person with a knife, your hopes of basic survival are already slashed in half. This is an overpopulated island, add in the factor people may be starving, this leads to people acting desperately. Venezuela is a prime example of this, with government break down, and the rule of law going out of the window, this could be the same future conditions in the United Kingdom.


Actually, quite a few things. It may come as a shock to yourself, but many people have prepared, and now are preparing for a SHTF scenario. They're known as Preppers. A term coined from someone who prepares or 'preps'. This could be your husky voiced, chain smoking, survivalist bad ass, somewhere in the woods in Scunthorpe, to the nice old granny named Betty in rural Devon. Being a prepper isn't determined by race, age, or any other factors, it's determined on how much you think out of the generic life constructs, and what you're preparing for. 

The basics are as follows.

  • Psychological
  • Water
  • Food
  • Long term

Psychological covers meds, such as paracetamol, aspirin, cold and flu and so forth, in later additions to this series I'll teach how to find the natural methods of everything mentioned, how to obtain it, and how to use it effectively, over time. But for now let's keep with the basics. Water is self-explanatory, bottled water is surprisingly long lasting and cheap. Food is something that can be solved with ease, it's important to bare in mind nutrients play an important part in this too. However, freeze-dried foods are very long lasting, (decades sometimes) and is something you should definitely add to your stockpile. Long term is anything which lasts over a year, and can provide you with food, help, or mental stability in the long run. Who knows what Brexit may bring? Below is an example of what you could buy to add to your weekly shop, to build a stockpile up for when Brexit hits.

  • Paracetamol x16= 0.49p or less.    
  • Cans of soup 29p each
  • Instant noodles 30p
  • 12 X 500ml bottled water 1.69

This is an example of prices to be found as of writing.

12 bottles of water can last you for at least 6 days and that's being generous. A can of soup is a meal,a good psychological boost with a range of flavours.. not exactly the best meal, but in a desperate situation can you afford to be picky?

A box of Paracetamol is £0.50p. The paracetamol usually lasts for a long time and can be used for most people to cure pain or headaches. little things added over time can play a big part overall.

For under £5 you can buy basics each week, adding to your own peace of mind, and well-being of your family.

Most of the major supermarkets often have deals on, so it's good to grab these deals prior to Brexit happening. You can literally add to your weekly shop by a quid or two, and essentially create a stockpile in the long run that will keep you and your family safe in the future. As mentioned nutrients within the food will also play a big part, and is a key factor to think about long term. Some foods are nutrient rich, some aren't. That's something you have to address and tailor to your individual and family's need's. 

Social factors prior to Brexit such as where you live, the resources near by and so forth, will play a key role in the whole Brexit facade. It's important to understand the basics for now, and grab what you can ahead of time.

Overall this article, has hopefully got you thinking about the basics for now. Changing your mindset, adapting to the inevitable and addressing any issues prior to them rising is the key to surviving this, for you and your family.

In part 2 we'll cover stockpile shopping lists, how to protect your family, bugout boxes, and much more.

Author: Luke

Luke has trained world over, honing his survival skills from the jungles of Borneo, to the Pacific Northwest in America. Luke's speciality lies within the bow drill and herbalism. Recently Luke has focused his main skills towards primitive first aid.


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