With the threat of BREXIT underway, we're possibly days (at the time of writing) away from Brexit taking place. The left is throwing tantrums, the right is frothing at the mouth, but the same rally call of Brexit is coming from both tribes in this eternal war. 

But how can you get ahead of the game, when it's still being played? 

There's a number of factors people need to take into account. As promised, part 2 will be about that, and hopefully, inspire you to get a head start.


The obvious factor here is stockpiling resources, canned food has a long-lasting shelf lifetime, doesn't spoil easily, and can take a beating if dropped for example. I'd recommend stocking canned vegetables, it may seem slightly odd, but vital vitamins and minerals can be found within vegetables and canned vegetables which means they're long-lasting, as opposed to fresh and likely to rot quick. 

Mixing your inventory of food is a way to ensure you have a varied diet if SHTF. It's advisable to mix canned vegetables with a few flavored soups, a few flavored soups also stockpiled with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are your energy source. Carbohydrates don't need to be canned, you can buy a giant bag of rice for around £10 from a supermarket. Use the large supplies to last you over expanded periods of time, during this your canned food is still fine to break into if needed.

Prioritize vitals:

A can of hot dogs is great, but what nutritional value is that going to give you against canned vegetables? You're going to be relying on what you've stockpiled, and have to take in that you may need higher amounts of a certain food Vs something you find tasty.

Factor this situation:

Would you rather eat long-lasting food for weeks on end which is pretty plain, bland, or boring, or would you rather burn through your supplies with tasty meals in days? Weigh that situation up heavily.

Canned food should be for the long-lasting periods. It's there as a backup, as opposed to the main food source

Psychological boosts:

Psychological boosts as mentioned in previous articles can have a positive boost, as well as a negative one. Positive boosting foods are things such as chocolate, crisps, sweets, etc. That's all good, it's a sugar rush, it's great for the short term, but then are you accounting for the negatives, the lack of dentists around? Are you thinking ahead? The prepper mentality is about pre-planning, addressing any future needs before they even happen. Stick to this mentality, plan out, and you will have a huge advantage against others.

As well as food, stock up on medication. Medication such as paracetamols for £0.50p from your local bargain store, make mini-medical kits that you can take with you, or dip into with ease. It's about constantly improving your chances. If you're ever in the wilderness, or outdoors, adopt the scavenger mentality, always scavenge for supplies, whether that's firewood or even extra snacks and so on. Always improve your situation, wherever you can. 

Planning for the breakdown:

Maps and scans of your local areas may be vital for the new world. You can cross-reference many maps and learn the local terrain. Knowing where there are natural springs of water or good areas of view is extremely useful ahead of time. Scout these locations and ensure you have knowledge of the local areas. Why not bury a supply box somewhere? A simple fire kit, a waterproof map, anything you can dig up or 're-discover' in the future will help you on the trail. For any urban Survivalists out there, I'd recommend finding a broken-down building, or some disused spot to store a supply drop. I always imagine those places next to rail tracks in cities must have loads of hideaway spots. Am I telling you to go to railways? No. I'm saying to plan where you can keep stuff hidden. Stay safe.

Wrapping this article up, the basis remains the same. Scavenge ahead of time, learn your local area, prioritize your needs, and focus on your own personal needs, you need to become a master of your mind, and a master of your surroundings. 

As always,

Stay alert.
- Luke

Author: Luke

Luke has trained world over, honing his survival skills from the jungles of Borneo, to the Pacific Northwest in America. Luke's speciality lies within the bow drill and herbalism. Recently Luke has focused his main skills towards primitive first aid.


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