Rumex Acetosa also know as Common Sorrel is common in temperate zones and is an herbaceous plant
Plantago Major also known as Greater plantain, broadleaf plantain, waybread, rats tail and whitemans footprint
The common Juniper can be found in Europe, Asia and North America.
Modern outdoor clothing is highly sophisticated and technologically advanced.
Auricularia auricula-judae is a fungus found growing on dead Sambucus.
Every camp must have a kitchen. Even if your chosen campsite is very basic or only temporary, it shouldn’t mean that the food you cook in it needs to reflect the surroundings.
Since Pork is being pushed through media outlets at the moment, we thought we would share with you a quick recipe for you to try. Quick, easy, and tasty a pork dish can suffice as an alternative to beef or chicken.
Acorns have been used as human food in times of famine, though like beech mast their chief economic use has been as animal fodder. The raw kernels are forbiddingly bitter to most palates.
Keep your first aid kit dry and readily accessible. Check that the seals on sterile dressings are intact. Quickly replace anything you use.
Achillea Millefolium grows all Europe and can be found far and wide.
This series aims to bring you Herbalism on the trail
To me, being prepared or preparedness is an attitude and a feeling of confidence in my own abilities.