Lycoperdon Perlatum is a common fungi found worldwide
Recognize the importance of your location to improve your chances of survival and rescue. You will usually have two options: to stay or go.
One of our most urgent requirements is food. In contemplating virtually any hypothetical survival situation, the mind immediately turns to thoughts of food.
From movies TV, and popular media, the hardcore survivor. mentality is something people fantasize over.
My Personal Loadout (Paul)
Where you choose to set up your shelter depends on the environment, but always take into account the four principles of survival: protection, location, water, and food.
You require a steady supply of water to sustain yourself in a survival situation and without it you will dehydrate.
Reality television has gripped the nation since the early 2000's, through television shows such as big brother.
A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures, and enemy observation.
Fire has been around since the dawn of time.. from mountains spewing ash and fire from volcanoes, to early man producing the first spark, which led into fire.
One of the major questions you may be asking yourself, is how will you feed your family post Brexit?
In any situation, cleanliness is an important factor in preventing infection and disease. It becomes even more important in a survival situation.